In light of the increased coverage on the climate, biodiversity, and public health crisis, one of the most frequent issues we hear is the desire to change for the better but not knowing where to start.

Start with our Ecosystem Workshop Series.

Design your change-making industry ecosystem based on crafting a purpose-led culture, defining your connections to the bigger picture, and establishing a collaborative community of supportive, like-minded professionals.

1. Ecosystem Audit


Consultancy Session

Find your starting point for a new era of purpose and collaboration.

Consider key questions that will reveal your change-making potential, and highlight any knowledge and network gaps hindering proper efforts to contribute to positive change.

Online, one-to-one, or small groups by arrangement.


2. Ecosystem Design


Workshop Session

Increase your opportunities and avoid obstacles and mistakes, by combining authentic culture, context and community.

An engaging workshop designed for start-ups and established brands who wish to navigate the contemporary food landscape with confidence, and strengthen connections to their wider ecosystem.

Online, one-to-one, or small groups by arrangement.


3. Ecosystem Application


Extended Workshop Series & Project

Strengthen your brand story and purpose, establish your changemaking ecosystem, and plan your findings into your next project or campaign.

Drafting a solid brief for your chosen project will provide the immediate positive action you can take to inspire your team and implement your vision, with optional ongoing consultancy and support.

A mix of online, one-to-one, or small groups by arrangement. (NB all group attendees from the same organisation).