Why food culture?

Food connects everyone and everything, everywhere.


so Food culture is the ultimate catalyst for collective change.

Food connects us to each other. Whatever language you speak or social circles you frequent, you will always find a common language in food, uniting us endlessly by both wants and needs, and underpinning all our experiences in life. Cooking, sharing, eating together, taking time to talk, all hold many of the crucial social experiences that are woven into the wellbeing of people and planet.

Food connects us to the natural world. Everything we eat comes from nature. The plants that grow to feed us and other species need a diversity of life to thrive, from the bees that pollinate the crops, to the wildlife that restores vegetation. And when we pay nature more much-deserved attention, we feel the benefits ourselves. Biodiversity, wildlife farming, biophilia, community gardens, all things that support our food - life - systems, contribute to a better quality of life for all living things - us included.


Food connects all industries, however unrelated they may seem. The food industry, of course - chefs, producers, farmers, distributors, packaging, logistics - but numerous other industries and organisations too, through their products, communications and operations - science, marketing, construction, architecture, engineering, design, manufacturing, fashion, education, healthcare, hospitality and tourism - to name just a few.

Add them to the billions of people growing, buying, preparing, cooking and eating food - for sustenance or for entertainment - and literally everyone impacts food systems. So every choice we make in relation to food can influence our future, because food systems can make or break our planet.

So preserving and supporting our food systems is all our jobs, whatever our industry. And to really make a positive impact, we need to each find the point where our working practice meets the opportunity to do good through food, then collaborate to make it happen.


The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals spell it out clearly.

Addressing poverty, inequality, and climate change across the world, they span all industries. But if you consider each in detail you’ll see that food relates to each and every one at some level.

So we have a common focus.
We just need to connect the dots.