Connected conversations
for collective change.


Food Culture Forum is a research, resource and peer support space leading a cross-industry sustainability shift, focusing on food culture as the shared catalyst for collaboration and positive change.

A mix of research, practical resources, and solution-sharing, it’s designed to demonstrate how sustainable development starts with food culture and systems, and link long-term needs with today’s everyday practices; a safe space for industry change-makers to seek inspiration and find solutions.

You could be a chef, hoping to tackle the obesity crisis through well-considered recipe development, who needs to better understand how people think and make their choices.

You could be an architect, wanting to specify materials based on food byproducts or production methods that don’t harm the environment and food chain.

You could be a food manufacturer, steeped in NPD, and seeking to build in support for nature and community as part of product development.

In fact, you could be anyone, really, because there are infinite dots to join, and many answers to find. We may not have them all yet, but we all have something to share, and somewhere to start.

So let’s connect and move forward together: collaborating, creating opportunities, knocking out the obstacles, and leading the cross-industry shift.


Carra Santos FRSA
Design Thinking for
Food Culture

No one knows everything, but everyone knows something.
— African Proverb