Hi, I’m Carra.


As a creative entrepreneur with a practising brand, innovation and design consultancy, I have been active in industry for over fifteen years, using a blend of design thinking, cultural insights and empathy to make future concepts relatable and engaging for everyday practice, and growing insights to support the sustainability shift.

Based on personal research into sustainable development, my main focus is industry education - to inspire entrepreneurs and established brands/organisations, who are navigating this new era of change-making, transparency and purpose, to recognise the rapidly emerging societal shifts and global needs, and build positive change into their culture and practices in response.

Food culture is our common ground

Over the years, I've worked with cross-sector industry leaders and brands including 100% Design, British Council, Formica Group, The Flava People and Quorn Foods, with projects featured internationally in a variety of publications including New York Times, Wired Magazine, ICON and Wallpaper*.

Through diverse projects and client experiences, I have seen how our food culture and systems connect all industries, however unrelated they may seem.

So the premise of Food Culture Forum is to better understand our connections to food culture and systems, and open up the cross-industry conversations that can strengthen them and iron out the obstacles. To help inspire actions that will not only make an immediate impact but generate a positive ripple effect across issues such as community, equality, wellbeing, health, enterprise, biodiversity, animal welfare, and many more besides.

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My knack is in joining the dots between industries and spotting the opportunities in between.